Therapies for breast, cervical, testicular, leukemia Cancer

Therapies for breast, cervical, testicular, leukemia Cancer

I think with all cancers that are detected early enough. So most cancers that people know a lot about. These are mainly breast, cervical, testicular, leukemia, mesothelioma memes and other cancers, which are the highest awareness. People are paying attention to them, with many of them increasing their proportion in the early stages of detected cases when the disease is still curable. Regardless of the origin, we are more or less helpless in cancers that are already very advanced.

There will also be a lot of talk about new therapies and new strategies at your April CETO (Experimental and Translational Oncology) Conference or Experimental and Translational Oncology Conference. Yeah, it’s going to be just that. This will be a very important forum for scientists who will not actually deal primarily with cancer from the perspective of patients, but primarily with research into the underlying mechanisms and new therapeutic options. So the conference will talk about what lies ahead for us. Experimental oncology is one that focuses on mechanism research, while translational oncology is one that translates these basic insights into clinical practice. The Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology will be held in Portoroz, at the Congress Center Bernardin, from 20 to 24 April 2013.


Conference for get rid of all cancer cells

It is especially intended for young scientists and their mentors, that is, already established researchers who will present their latest achievements, and young people will be able to present their work as well as from eminent world scientists to learn and learn what is new in the world. There will be a lot of emphasis on new drug delivery systems. In the treatment of cancer, it is not only important what kind of medicine is given, but also how it is brought to the cancer cells. It is our interest to get rid of all cancer cells while keeping normal healthy tissues as intact as possible. Therefore, a large proportion of this conference will also be dedicated to innovative delivery systems.

Will well-known names from the world of oncology be present?

Bodo. In particular, there will be known names from Slovenia and the world, especially in the field of electrochemotherapy and electrogen therapy, of which Slovenia is among the leading in the world. To which we can also be extremely proud, but few know it. It’s true. At the Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana, they were one of the first to actually transfer electro chemotherapy into clinical practice in collaboration with other institutions. This is one of the innovative delivery systems when chemotherapeutics are specifically introduced into a tumor using electrical pulses. This treatment is extremely successful in treating melanoma skin lesions. Slovenian scientists will be able to present themselves at the conference and tell what is new in this field. We can be more than proud of them. The successes of our athletes are commendable and we all rightly celebrate them, but on the other hand, we forget about the brilliant successes of our scientists.

But what do you do when you’re not studying or researching, do you have any spare time?

(Laughter) I am extremely fond of the Swimming Club in Koper, where I have been conducting beginner and continuing swimming courses for many years. In fact, Koper Swimming Club became my second family and second home in those years. After that, there is a bit of free time left, but I like to use the one I have for travelling, reading and friends. We wish you the best of luck and success on your exploration journey beyond the ocean, but when are you planning to return? Hope in a few years.

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