Insert degree symbol - Word

How Type degree symbol in a Word document

Of all the strange symbols, the degree symbol is commonly used for a variety of reasons such as temperature, angle, etc. The thing is, in the Word document, it is not as obvious how to enter the degree symbol. You can certainly search for the symbol and copy and paste it into the document. However, it is very helpful to know how to insert a degree symbol without using third party tools or other tricks. So if you ever need it, you can insert a degree symbol here in your Word document. you can also find about degree symbol mac below.

Insert degree symbol - Word

Enter Degree ° symbol in Word

There are several ways to insert a degree symbol in a Word document. In this post, I show the three simplest and safest ways to enter a degree symbol. Follow the method you like. The good thing is that all three methods are easy to remember.

  1. Word Degree Symbol keyboard shortcut

The easiest way to enter a degree symbol in a word document is to use the keyboard shortcut. If you want to enter a degree symbol, place the cursor at the desired position in the Word document and press the key combination Strg+ Verschiebung+ @and then Platz.

In case you are wondering, the space button should be pressed immediately after the first shortcut. Yes, it’s a strange shortcut, but it does the job. So everything is fine.

  1. Use the Insert Symbol option in Word

Word has a dedication section for inserting a variety of symbols, including the degree symbol. You just have to find and insert the symbol.

  1. Open the Word document and place the cursor where you want to insert the degree symbol. Then click the Insert tab button and then click the Symbol -> More Symbols button .
  2. The above action opens the Symbols window. Find the degree symbol here, select it and click the Insert button. You will find the degree symbol for  mac directly under the letters. You don’t have to scroll far down.
  3. As soon as you click the Insert button, the degree symbol is inserted.

If you select an icon, the corresponding key combination is displayed in the window, if available. If you want, you can assign or change the shortcut by clicking the Shortcut button.

Copy the degree symbol

  1. Copy the degree symbol from the Windows Character Map Tool

Just like Word has a symbol-function, Windows has an integrated tool called Character Map that displays a list of all types of symbols. Let me show you how to use the character mapping tool to insert degree symbols into a Word document.

  1. First open the Start menu and search for Character Map and click on it. Alternatively, you can use the command charmapin the Run dialog box.
  2. The above action opens the Character Map tool. Select the Advanced View check box here . Next, enter a degree in the “Find what:” box, click the Search button.
  3. As soon as you click the button, the degree symbol is displayed in the drawing table tool. Now, select the degree symbol and click the Select button.
  4. Then click the Copy button to copy the degree symbol to the clipboard. After copying, you can paste the degree symbol anywhere, even in the Word document. That’s all. It’s so easy to enter a degree symbol in a Word document. Here you find about mac degree

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